What is Motability?

Motability is a national UK charity. It helps disabled people and their families to achieve greater mobility on the road. Set up by the government in 1977, its aim is to provide vehicles and powered wheelchairs for disabled people.

The first Motability vehicle was supplied in 1978. Since then more than 1.28 million cars and powered wheelchairs have been provided. Now the Motability Scheme has more than 390,000 customers driving, or being driven on the road.

Colliers are a Premier Partner of Motability and so stock a wide range of top quality cars by many leading brands for you and your family to choose from. Our expert teams give you the time and space to think seriously before deciding what type of car suits you best.

The Schemes

The two schemes are:-

A Contract Hire Scheme for New Cars

Available on a three-year hire lease, this is the simplest way of having a brand new car. One regular payment each month covers:

  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Road Tax
  • Free replacement tyres
  • Replacement of windscreens or windows
  • RAC breakdown cover
  • Maintenance, servicing and repairs
  • Plus, if the car comes back in good condition after three years without any insurance claims you’ll be eligible for ?200 from Motability useable as a deposit contribution towards your new vehicle.

A Hire Purchase Scheme for new or used cars

This contract allows you to own the car after contract periods of two up to five years. You arrange and pay for:

  • Insurance
  • Breakdown assistance (if you want it)
  • Repairs/Maintenance

The benefits are:

  • Colliers will support you through the full life-cycle of your ownership
  • Adaptations do not need reinstallation every three years
  • Any number of drivers will be accepted by insurance company
  • No limit on annual mileage
  • Business use as agreed with insurance company

Are you eligible for a Motability car?

To join the Motability car scheme, you must be receiving either:-

  • Higher Rate Mobility Component (HRMC) of the Disability Living Allowance, or
  • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS).

If you would like assistance with checking that you meet the Scheme eligibility requirements, you should contact one of the following agencies:-

For enquiries about the Disability Living Allowance please contact Disability and Carers Service on 08457 123456.

For enquiries about the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement, please contact Service Personnel & Veterans Agency on 0800 169 2277.

Further information may also be obtained from the Motability website at

How the Motability Scheme works

At Colliers we work closely with Motability across a range of the manufacturers we represent. Through these varying manufacturers, disabled people are offered a range of vehicles to suit their needs and increase their mobility.

Currently we are able to offer vehicles through the Motability Scheme for the following manufacturers:-

Citroen, Mazda, Nissan, SEAT, Honda and Land Rover.

For further information regarding vehicles available on Motability and prices, please contact the individual franchises and ask to speak to the Motability specialist who will be able to help you with details of the latest offers and vehicles available.

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